Caregiver's Compass

TOP FIVE episodes of Season 2!

December 30, 2022 Stephanie Muskat
Caregiver's Compass
TOP FIVE episodes of Season 2!
Show Notes

In this episode Stephanie summarizes the top 5 episodes from season two of Caregiver’s Compass. Thank YOU for making season 2 what it was. Such a fantastic season full of incredible topics and guests. See you for season 3 next year!

1) Episode 48: 

 GUILT in Caregiving- how it arises, how to manage it, and the differences between guilt vs. shame (with Wendy Williams)

 2)  Episode 54:

 My Life Completely Changed When my Boyfriend was Assaulted and Suddenly Faced a Traumatic Brain Injury’- caregiving after a very sudden and traumatic life shift, with Katherine Smith

 3) Episode 57:

From inpatient nurse to caregiving consultant- how losing her job and burning out resulted in finding a daily passion for helping others- With Karen Lake
4) Episode 58:

Managing postpartum mental health while caring for 1+ children and/or another family member- with Kelly Polci (MSW,RSW)

 5) Episode 47:

 How Do I Know if I am a Caregiver (Demystifying the Definition of a Caregiver and the Stigma Associated With It/ Identifying as a Caregiver When Society Says You Are Not)


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